How to contact us?
How does delivery performs?
  • The delivery method is selected individually, based on your location.
  • We will choose the most profitable option for you.
  • The cost will depend on the dimensions and weight of the selected product, as well as the delivery method.
How long does delivery performs?
  • It depends on your location. 
  • For Europe, sent by trailer - delivery takes near 10 days.
  • Gadgets and small-sized goods delivery is carried out by the postal service and takes 1-2 days. By air - near 5 days.
What are the payment terms?
  • The prepayment is made after signing the contract.
  • The second half after the full production of the goods.
What if I need help?
  • It's simple - we are in touch. Call or write to us and we will help you solve any problem.
Is there some special offer for corporate clients?
  • You will get 10% off, if you become our corporate client with monthly payments over $100 000
Is there some special offer for privileged clients?
  • You will get 15% off, if you become our privileged client with monthly payments over $150 000
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