End cutting board

Any objects can be scaled down 👽 For example, a witch's hut can be reduced to the size of a matchbox. A town with a railway can be put into a room. 

The scale is set based on one's goal. 

Mock-up is an aspect of design that allows you to see the concept of a historical scene or a majestic structure from a bird's-eye view.

Производство моделей под ключ для квестов с гарантией
Perhaps you can find it all in our manufacture, otherwise how could we make models of such precision?

All processes from the idea of creation of model to its implementation rest on the shoulders of our experienced specialists. With the concept in brain, we will transfer it into a model, whether it is a building or a whole city.

Производство моделей под ключ для квестов с гарантией
We use 3D and UV printing to obtain the best result and create any detailed layout.

In addition to models, we design and create stands.

Due to their individual design, unusual construction and a precise clear conformity to your style, the stands attract a lot of attention from the audience. Just model composition is one of the most powerful way of illustration and visualization, capable to educate, inform and entertain visitors.

Welcome! After all, you have already convinced that our manufacture is able for any crazy experiments ;)

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